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Through this clause, the contractual document that will govern the acquisition and contracting,
by consumers and users (hereinafter, "client" or "clients"), of the services offered through this
website, as provided in Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and
Electronic Commerce, and in Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the Consolidated Text
of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws,
approved by Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16.

Acceptance of this document implies that the client:
a) You have read, understand and understand its content.
b) That he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
c) That he expressly and previously assumes and accepts all the obligations that
correspond to him and that derive from this document.
These "General Contract Conditions" will have an indefinite validity period and will be
applicable to all contracts made through the website
These Conditions will subsist as long as they are not modified by the provider who owns the
domain of the same, so the service provider and owner of said domain reserves the right to
modify them unilaterally and without prior notice, without this affecting the services or
promotions that were contracted prior to the modification.

ON ONE PART, the provider of the services contracted by the client, which is FRINGIAN, S.L. (BPM Lloret - 30º hotels) with N.I.F. B65383614, also called "provider"or "provider" for the purposes of this document, and which owns the website
In particular, the provider reports the following aspects:
a) The provider has its professional address at:
Avenida Roca Grossa, 2. C.P. 17310, Lloret de Mar (Girona).
b) The provider has the following means of direct contact for its consumers and users:
- Email address:

- Telephone number (with country code):

+34 972370700

ON THE OTHER PART, the client registered on the website, being responsible for the veracity of
the personal data provided to the provider.

The purpose of these stipulations is to regulate the contractual relationship that arises
between the provider and the client at the moment in which the latter issues the acceptance
of conditions during the online contracting process, as provided in section 8 of this same
document, thus perfecting the contract between both parties, as provided in articles 1,258 and
1,262 of the Civil Code.

The provider offers tourist and hotel reservation services.

The contracting prices of the products or services that the provider offers through its website
are final prices for the consumer and user, which means that they include the applicable taxes
or fees, except for typographical errors.
In case of making the payment for the purchase from outside of Spain, the customer must also
take into account that there may be additional charges from their bank when using their credit
or debit card. The provider in no case will be responsible for said additional charges, as well as
any other that may occur in the use of the payment methods used, so we recommend that the
client collect all the information in this regard prior to purchase.
The prices of the services have a validity equal to the time of their maintenance and as long as
the provider does not modify them appropriately in the place where they are exposed. The
campaigns, if they occur, will have a specific validity according to the period of duration
indicated in each case.
However, the client assumes that the economic valuation of the services or products may vary
in real time. In any case, such circumstance will always be communicated prior to the
acceptance granted by the client.
The provider also informs that it carries out or could carry out through its website, through
social networks or by sending emails to the addresses provided by customers, promotional
offers (such as those that include discounts, prizes or gifts), or Contests or promotional games,
whose conditions of application and participation will be conveniently determined at the time
they are communicated, providing the consumer and user with all the information that is
necessary. This information determines
It will also narrate the products or services on which they fall, which will depend on the line
and the period of the season in which they are offered.

In case of receiving commercial communications and / or advertising shipments from the
provider, either by email or by another equivalent individual electronic communication means,
you can oppose the processing of your data for these promotional purposes using any of the
means described in the "Privacy Policy", which can be consulted in the corresponding tab of
this same website.

The provider declares that the contracting procedure may be carried out in Spanish or English.

The client, in order to access the services offered by the provider, must comply with the
following procedures of the contracting process:
1) First, and after accessing the website, you must click on the tab called "BOOK NOW".
2) From among the various accommodation possibilities that are presented, choosing the one
of your preference through the option "SELECT" will access another tab in which the client can
choose the various options in more detail.
3) Then you must activate the "BOOK" option, after which other details or voluntary services
will appear that you may or may not add to your reservation.
4) Once this phase has been completed, by pressing "CONFIRM" you will access a new screen
where "GUEST INFORMATION" will be requested.
5) After that, the client must activate the option "PAY AND CONFIRM", which will lead him to
the corresponding payment platform.
6) Once the payment details have been filled in, the customer must click on the "Pay" option,
this being considered the moment of completion of the contract for the purposes provided for
in article 1,258 of the Civil Code, and applicable regime. The provider is not responsible for the
data completed by the client.

7) In the event that the client has made an error or detects errors when entering their data,
they should contact the provider through the email address or telephone number described in
section 3 of this document (“Identity of the parties ”), indicating such circumstances. The client
must, if so required by the provider, identify himself according to the guidelines set by the
same and providing the reasonable and proportionate information that may be required in
order to guarantee the truthful identity of the interested party.

8) At the end of the process, the client will be sent to the email address provided a "Booking
Confirmation" with all the details of the same.

The means of payment that the client can use in this contracting modality are a debit or
credit card.
The provider does not assume any responsibility when the service is not carried out
satisfactorily as a result of the data provided by the client being false, inaccurate or
incomplete, or due to force majeure, or due to non-appearance or refusal of the client to
receive the service.
Without prejudice to the foregoing, the provider shall adopt the measures required of a
diligent merchant to ensure the completion of the service in a timely manner, or in a different
one carried out as soon as possible, to the satisfaction of the parties. Adopted such measures,
it will not be possible to hold you responsible. Consequently, it is not responsible for incidents
or delays that may arise if the process of contracting and providing the service has been
properly activated on its part, however, we recommend that the client report any incident
detected in order to take all measures. timely corrections that are within the reach of the

In accordance with the provisions of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the
Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other
complementary laws, approved by Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16, the client may
cancel or cancel the reservation made in accordance with the conditions established in the
"Reservation Confirmation" received.

The provider declares that in this contracting process there is no electronic document for the
formalization of the contract between the parties.
The provider informs that it has a claims treatment system that the client may use by
contacting through the usual means of sending email or telephone calls to the address or
number indicated in section 3 of this document (“Identity of the parties ”), or personally at the
hotel center itself. The client shall, in the event that this isrequired by the provider, to identify
himself according to the guidelines set by the same and providing the reasonable and
proportionate information that may be required in order to guarantee the truthful identity of
the interested party.

Without prejudice to the competence of the administrative or judicial bodies that correspond
in each case, for all questions that arise about the interpretation, application and compliance
with these "General Contract Conditions", as well as the claims that may arise from their use,
All the intervening parties declare to submit to the jurisdiction of the Judges and Tribunals of
Barcelona (capital), according to the rules of competence distribution established for each

matter subject to litigation, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to

These "General Contract Conditions" are governed by Spanish law.

Older than 12 years old
2 to 11 years old